Demos and Tutorials

Types of Demos

Product demos and tutorials can range from simple PowerPoint displays, to screen-captured video, to full-blown interactive tutorials that familiarize users with the product’s interface and functionality by guiding them with step-by-step instructions to achieve a certain objective.

Make demos with impact

Successful demos and tutorials have a clear technical or business objective, such as a pre-sales tool, a “big picture” conceptual tool, or an interactive exercise to give end users hands-on experience. Regardless of the audience, the demo should maintain a clean sense of style that reflects corporate design and clearly articulates your company’s value.

  • Maintain a clean sense of style that reflects corporate design.
  • Design each demo or tutorial for a specific audience (management vs. end user vs. admin vs. developer).
  • Have a clear technical or business objective (pre-sales tool, “big picture” conceptual tool, or detailed tutorial to educate end users after product implementation).
  • Build the demo with the appropriate tools for each function (PowerPoint and self-running videos for pre-sales; Web-based semi-interactive tour; or complete interactive simulation designed for use on client system).

Sample Demo & Tutorial Projects

Online Training Demo

A responsive, interactive course that showcases my approach to developing online training.

Demo: Dynamic Cloud-based Microsoft Word Library

A demo highlighting a Microsoft Word plug-in that integrates Microsoft SharePoint Online-hosted document snippets.

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