Technical Marketing

The Art of Technical Marketing

If you want to capture your customer’s attention, don’t start your conversation with your product’s new features. Even technical audiences need to first hear about how you can help their business. Technical marketing is the art of explaining at a technical level how your services, products, or technologies ultimately translate into business value.

Get to the heart of the message

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deliverable. You need to know your target audience and be able to speak their language. Are you addressing CIOs or other executives who need to see the strategic value up-front? Or do you need a document that demonstrates the benefits of implementing your technology at a more granular level for the tactical decision maker?

  • Define your messaging requirements and project scope before anything else
  • Speak the language of your target audience
  • Lead with the big picture, then drill into the details
  • Develop graphics for topologies, processes, and other conceptual areas that help deliver the complete story
  • Know when enough is enough

Sample Technical Marketing Projects

Technical Case Study

A strategic paper that describes Microsoft’s own challenges on their multi-year journey to redefining how they do business intelligence

Microsoft IT Annual Report

A highly strategic technical marketing piece targeted at enterprise CIOs and other C-level executives

State of the Industry Report

An industry brief that spotlights Internet of Things technology trends and Smart City developments in 2016

Business Case Study

How evolving corporate meetings into a more collaborative experience can help drive a company’s digital transformation efforts

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